Simhealth institute

……Improving Health and Wellbeing

Offers training, coaching, mentoring and other capacity building services. SimHealth Africa is committed to capacity building and human resource development, with huge interest in curriculum development, training, coaching and mentorship. We are working on technology deployment to facilitate teaching and learning in a cost efficient way. SimHealth Africa supports Government of Nigeria (Ministries of Health) in curriculum development, training, mentorship and coaching in public health supply chain management. The two main sub-divisions of the Institute are:

Education, Training and Mentorship

simHealth has experienced and multidisciplinary faculty and staff who teach, coach and mentor course participants. Our courses are delivered as standard workshops (International Training Workshops) and/or seminars (SimHealth Africa Seminar Series). Some of our courses include:

Research, Documentation and Dissemination

simHealth Institute is positioned to serve as repository of data and publications on health and health systems, applying rigorous scientific methods for its clinical, epidemiological, pharmaceutical, operational and implementation research works.

The Institute mentors and coaches professionals, students, program persons and academics in key subject areas and build capacity for scientific inquiry, research methods and dissemination (presentation at conferences and publications in peer reviewed journals).

simHealth anchors the Africa Conference on Healthcare Delivery (AHD Conference,, one of the largest regional meetings on healthcare delivery and innovation in Africa. See conference website for additional information. We build synergy and collaboration among and between practitioners, program persons, academics, implementing partners, donor agencies, policy makers, and students.

Also, through our peer review journal, we offer a platform for dissemination of research findings to the larger scientific and professional communities. In addition, the Institute works with simHealth Connect to rapidly disseminate general information on health and activities of the organization through publication of our regular newsletter (“simHealth Focus,” the official newsletter of SimHealth Africa).